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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.16.17] Canada scifi fantasy adventure

For a few years now writer/director Benjamin Ross Hayden has been dabbling in an interesting subgenre of filmmaking which mixes mysticism, fantasy, technology and the apocalyptic. His debut film Agophobia was a 30-minute blend of tech and fantasy and his feature film debut The Northlander appears to be working with similar themes even if the setting is slightly different.

The year is 2961 in a future where most of humanity has disappeared, the land has been reclaimed by nature and the only traces of humanity are small groups of people peppered throughout the wilderness.

A hunter named Cygnus (Corey Sevier) is called by the matriarch of his tribe to protect his people from a band of Heretics and the movie focuses on Cygnus as he traverses through the desert and forest in search of said bandits.

The trailer voice-over has a distinctly B-movie quality to it and though this is clearly a fairly low-budget affair, I'm really curious about Ross Hayden's approach to the post-apocalyptic future, one tinged with Aboriginal values and perspective.

The Northlander is being distributed in Canada by Raven Banner. A release date has yet to be confirmed but if you are in Vancouver, a special one night only screening is scheduled for April 5 at the Rio Theatre with the filmmaker and other guests in attendace.

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