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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.16.17] Canada comedy

Robert Cuffley's wrestling comedy Chokeslam (review) had a great festival run after premiering last year at the Calgary Film Festival and with the movie's Canadian release around the corner, a newly minted trailer has been released.

The movie stars Amanda Crew as Sheena, a high-school athlete who worked her way into the world of professional wrestling while Chris Marquette plays Corey, Sheena's high school best friend who wanted to be more than just friends and is still suffering from Sheena's humiliating rejection.

With her career at a standstill, Sheena returns home and is met with Corey's years-old heartbreak, her manager's push for a comeback match and a town who looks at her as both a superstar and a woman with very public problems. The result is a comedy where two people have to come to terms not only with their relationship but also with their personal demons.

It's a good bit of fun with some great wrestling moments thrown in for good measure and a fantastic performance from Michael Eklund who finally has the chance to flex his comedic muscle and steals nearly every scene in the process.

Chokeslam opens in limited release across Canada on March 24.

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