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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.02.17] United Kingdom thriller

Though the set-up for writer/director Ben Parker's feature film debut The Chamber feels overly convoluted, the central conceit of the movie - a group of people stuck in a slowly sinking submarine - has a whole lot going for it.

The convoluted plot has a three-person special ops team trapped in a submarine beneath the Yellow Sea. They're down there on a mission against North Korea which has flexed the power of its nuclear arsenal.

Shortly after being submerged, their ship is boarded and the submarine attacked. Now the trio is stuck inside a sinking ship with nowhere to go.

The whole North Korea storyline had me rolling my eyes but the concept of the team being unable to escape the submarine really caught my attention and the trailer suggests that the claustrophobic tension is put to good use.

The Chamber will have a UK release March 10 with a home video and digital release to follow on March 20. The movie doesn't have a North American distributor.

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say again (6 years ago) Reply

why the eye roll re N Korea? Seems a very apt story seeing as Mr T is gearing up for war...

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