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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.19.17] action drama

Let me be perfectly honest: I love a good superhero movie but we don't talk about them here much because, let's face it, they tend to be cookie cutter affairs. Then you get the convoluted X-Men movies which never quite feel like the movies the Disney-Marvel team put out. They tend to be messier, more willing to take chances and far more fun to watch.

Hugh Jackman has been bringing us Wolverine since the very first X-Men movies and what better way to retire the character (at least his version of it) than with a gritty stand-alone movie?

Enter Logan.

Co-written by Scott Frank and Michael Green (of "Everwood," "Heroes," "Kings" and the upcoming "American Gods"), the movie unfolds in the not too distant future with Logan caring for Professor X in a hideout just outside the Mexican border when a young mutant girl arrives bringing with her a group of bad guys who have been chasing her across the country.

I totally skipped the first trailer but looking back on it now, it seems that Logan is far more interested in being a kick-ass action movie than fitting into any sort of comic book movie universe and this new trailer feels more Leon: The Professional than anything else and that's definitely a good thing.

Logan opens March 3 but not before making its debut at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Recommended Release: The Wolverine

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