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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 12.20.16] Canada scifi action

If you live in the Great White North chances are you have either seen commercials or even caught an episode or two of Show Case's latest sci-fi drama "Travelers." Or maybe like me, you've become complete obsessed with the best new sci-fi show of the year.

Created by Brad Wright whose previous TV credits span a over a decade of "Stargate" shows along with the mid-90s revamp of "The Outer Limits," "Travelers" stars Eric McCormack as Grant MacLaren, the leader of a team which is sent from the future to the 21st century on a mission that is supposed to change the future for the better. The team includes MacKenzie Porter as Marcy the doctor, Nesta Cooper as Carly the weapons expert, Reilly Dolman as Philip the historian and Jared Abrahamson as Trevor who seems to be the glue that keeps the entire team together.

The time-travel concept is handled very 12 Monkeys-style and there are a few other echoes of Gilliam's movie along with any number of time-travel tropes explored throughout but the show stands out because of the writing. The characters are interesting to begin with and then they're dropped into a world they don't fully know or understand and watching them discover how things work while also following orders has been a great driving force in the first season. Throw in great performances all around and you've got yourself a winning show.

So why are we only talking about this now when the first season has nearly completed airing? Because come December 23, you'll be able to watch all 12 episodes of "Travelers" on Netflix and trust me once you start, you'll find it hard to stop.

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Lenny (3 years ago) Reply

Man this did not sound good to me. Never was a fan of Eric McC. Said screw it and started it the other day, damn it's great! Kinda reminds me of Humans a little. Thanks for the recommendation!
Was a trip to see the chick from Hell on Wheels out of Mormon clothes, took me a while to figure out who she was. Oh and the chick from Helix too!


Marina (3 years ago) Reply

So glad you gave it a go! I can't believe that damned finale!


Lenny (3 years ago) Reply

Ha yeah, just finished it. Could have really pissed me off but it's a great set up for S2. Now we damn well better get one!

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