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Marina Antunes [Bunker Blueprint 12.16.16] France scifi

This is exactly what we all need on a Friday: 4 minutes of awesome.

Seth Ickerman, the name of the French director duo Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard, first teamed up with musician Carpenter Brut last year when they directed the music video Turbo Killer. Or perhaps the music is a companion to the 4 minute short. I'm not sure how that all came together but it really is the best 4 minutes of anything I've seen in months.

There are spaceships, flying cars, upside down crosses, aliens, alien hunters and the entire thing looks and sounds like it was made in the mid 80s. The influences are many and some more obvious than others but it all makes for a hugely entertaining bit of video.

Now the team is looking to expand the universe even further with a 30 minute short which will expand some of the ideas introduced in the music video into a more "cinematic narrative."

Blood Machines has already successfully funded its Kickstarter campaign so we can expect to see the short in due time but if you're feeling a bit generous this holiday season, you may want to send them a couple of extra bucks – and get some cool swag in return.

Until Blood Machines is ready, you can watch and listen to Turbo Killer below. Where's the auto replay button when you need it?

Recommended Release: Turbo Kid

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