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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.31.16] Canada horror

A couple of years ago Vancouver director Derek Franson landed on the scene with an impressive debut. Comforting Skin (review) didn't gather much steam beyond the festival circuit but it's a movie I really liked and which has come up here and there in conversation over the years, in part because the effects were so impressive but most often because of the subject matter. I can't help but think that if it came out now, Franson's movie would likely do far better as it touches on the cultural zeitgeist of body positivity and empowerment.

I hadn't really considered what Franson was up to until last week when his latest short film was brought to my attention.

Starring up-and-comer Morgan Taylor Campbell, Rue works both as a short film and a concept for a larger work. Campbell stars as Malory, a student who inadvertently summons a wraith.

This is a great little appetizer for Halloween and a nice preview of what we might expect to see from the feature film. The full short is below for your viewing pleasure!

Recommended Release: Comforting Skin

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