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It's nice to see that Mel Gibson has sobered up long enough to make a movie and heck, it looks like he's even trying to revive the badass persona of his early career.

Already a minor hit coming out of an early festival run, Blood Father stars Gibson as John Link, an ex-con who returns to a life of crime when he re-unites with his 16-year old daughter who is on the run from drug dealers who are trying to kill her.

In addition to Gibson, the movie co-stars Erin Moriarty as John's daughter Lydia, William H. Macy, Diego Luna and Michael Parks.

Adapted by Peter Craig and Andrea Berloff from Caig's novel (he was also responsible for The Town), Blood Father is directed by French helmer Jean-François Richet who is best known for his mediocre remake of Assault on Precinct 13. Richet has made a couple of movies since his Hollywood debut but this marks his return to English language filmmaking.

The trailer is a violent and gritty affair and looks better than anything Gibson has been associated with since he directed Apocalypto a decade ago. If it's any indication of what we can expect from the movie, Blood Father should make for a solid action thriller.

Blood Father opens August 26.

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