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John Connor [Celluloid 07.23.16] horror adventure

Explorers encounter a gigantic ape and other creatures on a mysterious island in Kong: Skull Island.

The first trailer has appeared out of Comic Con and three things jump out at us. This is the biggest King we've had yet, the film is a period piece taking place in the 70's and the footage makes it look like a combat flick. So far, I'm pretty down!

Tom Hiddleston, Toby Kebbell and Brie Larson star in yet another film with the famous ape.

To fully immerse audiences in the mysterious Skull Island, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and his cast and filmmaking team are filming across three continents over six months, capturing its primordial landscapes on Oahu, Hawaii – where filming commenced on October 2015 – on Australia’s Gold Coast, and finally in Vietnam, where filming will take place across multiple locations, some of which have never before been seen on film.

Recommended Release: King Kong

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Anne Honimous (6 years ago) Reply

Col. Kurtz certainly got bigger...and hairier


Wumpus (6 years ago) Reply

I like the CGI dragonfly. Nice edit.

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