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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.03.16] scifi horror thriller

Last week we brought you the first stills from Shortwave, the thriller from the producers of the critically acclaimed The Invitation (review). Now we have the first trailer and not only is it gorgeously shot, but it's emotional and super tense to boot. This film looks great.

I didn't realize this, but the film is based off shortwave radio folk-lore and the stories around them, many believing the signals broadcast by them could be from space or perhaps even a different dimension.

In the film, a couple loses their daughter in a peculiar disappearance and is trying to move on. But after moving into a new home provided by his work where he can continue his 10-year research into a particular shortwave radio signal they’ve been studying, things go from bad to worse for Isabel (Ringeling) who has been suffering with mental issues after being unable to cope with her daughter’s disappearance.

Shortwave begins it’s festival run with a premier at Dances With Films in Hollywood on Saturday June 4th.

It stars Italian star Juanita Ringeling, Cristobal Tapia Montt, and Kyle Davis and features Jay Ellis, Nina Senicar, Sara Malakul Lane.

It produced by Tony Mancilla, Lindsay Lanzillotta, two of the producers of Sitges winner The Invitation, as well as director/writer/editor Ryan Gregory Phillips, who makes his debut.

Recommended Release: The Invitation

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