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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.24.16] Spain cyberpunk scifi dystopic

there's a lot of garbage being supported on Kickstarter these days so it depresses me a little that Daniel Hernández Torrado's super impressive cyberpunk saga, Virtual, will likely not see the light of day based on the support so far.

As you'll see below, his work is both technically dazzling and big on ideas. Don't be turned off by the synthetic, stagy nature of the opening cyber battle because as you'll discover it's all by design.

In a futuristic and desolated world, ruled with iron fist by the Programmer, a tyrant half human, half machine, that controls all the technology, enslaved humankind miserably scrapes out a living divided into Sectors, connecting to virtual reality in order to escape from their problems.

However, there will be a gamer from the suburbs that will change everything.

If you feel like throwing some dollars at the talent here, you can visit the projects' official Kickstarter Page.

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