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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.07.16] United Kingdom scifi fantasy adventure

Last month, the programmers at the Edinburgh International Film Festival announced that on June 18, they would be premiering a brand new 4K restoration of Russell Mulcahy's 1986 fantasy/adventure drama Highlander.

There have been a lot of great restorations announced over the last few years but none have made me as happy as this one.

As a long-time Highlander fan who was too young to experience the original theatrical release, the thought of seeing a pristine version of Highlander on the big screen is really exciting and that dream is now a little closer to reality.

Though I won't be at the now sold-out EIFF screening, there is a new trailer for the restoration which leads me to think that maybe, just maybe, we could see the newly restored edition making its way through various cities in the coming year. After all, why go through all that trouble for one screening and a sure-to-be-announced blu-ray release?

Fingers crossed. In the meantime, the new trailer is pretty sweet!

Recommended Release: Highlander Director's Cut

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Christopher (5 years ago) Reply

If you haven't seen Highlander II: The Quickening, do so. It's super bonkers. This whole serious is bonkers.


Marina (5 years ago) Reply

Yeah... that on is weird. The last one was pretty terrible. I'm not sure they can resurrect this franchise.


MrSatyre (5 years ago) Reply

There is and never has been such a thing as Highlander 2: The Quickening. It was a moment of mass-induced hysteria, nothing more.


little__wing (5 years ago) Reply

Wondering what will be included in the release. Hopefully some cool extras.

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