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Amazon wants their Prime Video service to cross border in a big way so are taking the plunge into original foreign content. The eCommerce leader announced 12 original series targeting viewers in Japan, which has a population of about 127 million people.

Topping the list for us are spin-offs of the live-action super hero franchises Ultraman and Kamen Rider as well as a crazy sounding sc-fi comedy Businessmen Vs. Aliens from Yuichi Fukuda.

The full list of the Amazon titles announced is:

“Uchimura Summers Second.” A variety show scheduled for global delivery in Fall 2016 featuring omic duo Summers and Teruyoshi Uchimura (of Utchan Nanchan).

“Kamen Rider Amazons.” A reboot of the 45-year-old kids show about a masked rider. Season one is now available. Season 2 is scheduled for delivery in Spring 2017

“Prime Japan.” A documentary series shot in 4K resolution that explores the enduring appeal of Japanese culture. Now available.

“Hapi Mari Happy Marriage!?” A rom-com depicting a marriage of convenience based on a best-selling comic book and starring Dean Fujioka. Premieres June 22..

“Rakuen The Secret of Paradise” A travelogue docu-series in which a popular Japanese photographer journeys to remote islands in search of paradise. Premieres June 30.

“Invisible Tokyo” A documentary following the cultural leaders who are dragging Tokyo into “now.” Premieres July 15.

“Baby Step.” A live-action adaptation of a popular comic book, it is a coming-of-age drama about high school students aiming to become tennis players. Premieres July 22.

“Hitoshi Matsumoto presents Documental” A variety show from well-known Japanese comedian and film director Hitoshi Matsumoto (“Big Man Japan,” “Symbol”). Premieres Fall 2016.

“Spacemen at Work (Businessmen vs Aliens) ” Billed as “a new type of situational entertainment on the theme of ‘space.'” Premieres Sept. 8.

“Ultraman Orb” A spin-off of the latest Ultraman series. Premieres Dec. 2016.

“Sake to Sakana to Ishizuka Hidehiko” A travelogue exploring Japanese sake with popular gourmet reporter Hidehiko Ishizuka. Premeires Nov. 2016.

“Magi.” A period drama about the four young Japanese men sent as ambassadors to Rome by the Christian Daimyos. Premieres Summer 2017.

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Lenny (5 years ago) Reply

But will any of this be subtitled? Available in the US at all? Sorry I'm not clear on this but I want to see some of those.


Christopher (5 years ago) Reply

Considering I can't get Prime in Canada, I kind of doubt it. Which sucks.

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