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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.27.16] post apocalyptic scifi adventure

Fans of 80's genre fare will certainly be familiar with the post-apocalyptic oddity, Solarbabies. But for the uninitiated there's a really good chance the Mel Brooks produced science fiction family film that blends the world of Mad Max, the sentimentality of E.T. and the sport of rollerblading together completely passed by unnoticed.

Either way, this is a red letter day for all. In a recent episode of the "bad movie podcast" How Did this Get Made, the show dug deep into the film's many strange choices. Now, the gang behind the podcast have even pulled in Mel Brooks to talk more in depth about the project.

You can hear that conversation below.

From Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein to Spaceballs and The Producers, legendary filmmaker Mel Brooks has been responsible for some of the most beloved movies in the history of cinema. And unsurprisingly, at various points in his career, he has discussed the making of almost all his films. Except for one. The lone dud in his canon—a film so bad The New York Times declared it “an embarrassment”— which Brooks has never publicly discussed: Solarbabies. Well, at least not until now. Blake Harris of /Film chats with Mel Brooks about the whole story.

Recommended Release: Solarbabies

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Lotus Eater (6 years ago) Reply


Is an awesome trucking movie.

One of my favorites.

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