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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.25.16] scifi thriller

We've seen the name Luke Scott before. A few years ago, Ridley Scott's son made a big splash with a great short film called Loom (see it here) which suggested Scott Jr. had some talent behind the camera.

Admittedly, not just any director is given the opportunity to jump from something like Loom directly to a big budget sci-fi thriller but that last name certainly opens doors and though it likely had a big part to play in getting the project into production, Luke Scott still needed to direct the darned thing and judging from our first look at Morgan, he seems to have done a fine job.

The movie, which Scott co-wrote with Seth W. Owen, stars Kate Mara as a consultant who is tasked with determining whether to terminate an AI experiment. The problem is the experiment in question is not just some computer but something more akin to a human. The movie co-stars the always great Toby Jones, Michael Yare and Paul Giamatti.

It's hard to watch the trailer and not immediately think of last year's excellent Ex-Machina but the trailer suggests this might have more in common with Vincenzo Natali's Splice than Alex Garland's excellent debut. Either way, it's a really well cut trailer which suggests a promising feature film debut.

Morgan opens later this year.

Recommended Release: Ex-Machina

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uncleB (5 years ago) Reply

The script was good. I would like them to change the ending a little though

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