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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.12.16] Canada apocalyptic scifi drama

One of my favourite movies last year, and of the last few years if I'm being completely honest, was Into the Forest (review).

Adapted and directed by acclaimed director Patricia Rozema, the movie stars Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood as sisters who find themselves struggling to survive on the outskirts of a remote town after a cataclysmic event has essentially brought on the apocalypse.

Aside from the great performances which cement the movie, I was really taken by the story which is far more interested in the humanity of the characters, the bonds of sisterhood and friendship and the extent to which people will go in order to get what they want and need, than in the event that has forced the two women to remain outside society and eventually even retreat further into the wilderness.

It's a beautiful movie with excellent performances and direction and a must see for fans of post-apocalyptic dramas.

Into the Forest opens July 22.

Recommended Release: The Road

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uncleB (6 years ago) Reply

i give the trailer 2 1/2 Mehs


Wumpus (6 years ago) Reply

I'm looking forward to this one.


pleeg3 (6 years ago) Reply

Weird not how I pictured it in my minds eye when I read it, out loud, 100 years ago. Then again if it was PA I would read it and I did. Quite liberating for the Cromag I was... once. But seldom does the movie match the book.... oh except for World War Z.... and the Postman... NOT!
Doesn't matter.... if it's PA I'll see it... and perhaps
me Cromag be more sensitive and smart....

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