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John Connor [Celluloid 05.19.16] Denmark action thriller

Written and directed by Dick Maas, whose Santa Claus horror flick, Sint (review), was something of a success a couple of years back, has a new this new Dutch survival thriller coming out called Prey. the film is simply about an escaped lion terrorizing the city of Amsterdam. Why not.

After the discovery of the gruesome murder of a peasant family just outside of Amsterdam, police are in the dark about the possible perpetrator. Lizzy, a vet, however thinks she knows what could have caused the bloody mutilations: a sharp, aggressive lion. She is met with disbelief and requires a second bloodbath for the authorities to accept the rigorous plan of an English lion hunter to catch the monster. The hunt is on...

Prey stars Sophie van Winden, Julian Looman, and Mark Frost, Prooi will be coming out this October in the Netherlands.

There is no current US release date.

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Via: Bloody Disgusting

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