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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.22.16] Canada scifi comedy

Imagine for a moment that in the 1950s, women started being able to reproduce without men and as a result of some super aggressive natural selection (it's a movie, we'll give the filmmaker a break on the science), women have stopped giving birth to male babies and as a result, in this alternate universe, men are on the brink of extinction.

Mark Sawers' mockumentary No Men Beyond This Point imagines exactly that and focuses on Andrew Myers who, at 37-years old, is the youngest man on earth. The housekeeper for a large family of women, Andrew finds himself at the centre of a growing movement to prevent the extinction of men.

Sawers first caught my attention a few years ago with the excellent high-concept comedy/thriller Camera Shy (review) and his follow-up looks to be another great offering.

Samuel Goldwyn picked up No Men Beyond This Point for US distribution after its Toronto premiere and though there is no US release date yet, the comedy opens in Vancouver April 15 and Toronto April 23.

Recommended Release: What We Do in the Shadows

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Diggler (4 years ago) Reply

Sounds a lot like Edmund Cooper's novel "Five to Twelve". Where the advent of the 100 year pill, which results into a female run dystopia...

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