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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.22.16] Canada scifi thriller

Cyberattacks are common happenings. Some are more serious than others but with more and more devices connected to the web and more and more people able and willing to hack them, the fear of a full out cyberwar is not a futuristic "what-if" scenario but rather a very realistic question of "when."

In AFK_, actor/writer/director Tyler Hanes considers the role of one hacker at the beginning of a cyberwar. The movie stars Hanes as the hacker and Canadian stalwart Rob Stewart as the arresting officer who is trying to get to the bottom of the hacker's involvement in the still hypothetical war. What he doesn't realize is that the war has already been set into motion and he's too late to stop it.

Shot by Christian Bielz (also responsible for the great look of outback horror Backcountry (review)), featuring solid performances and accompanied by a great score from Taylor Stewart, AFK_ is a slick bit of filmmaking which incorporates real data and footage for an even more powerful gut punch.

Recommended Release: WarGames

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