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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.18.16] United Kingdom scifi thriller

Director Luke Tedder has been a very busy man the last few years, pumping out short films at a rate of three or four a year and now he and the creative team at Landa Pictures are venturing into new territory: feature films and their first, a sci-fi thriller titled App for Life, shows promise.

Written and directed by Tedder, the movie imagines a future where tech implants are commonplace. Adam J. Bernard stars as James, a man who seems to be having trouble adjusting to life with an implant – a life where it's impossible to lie, where anyone with an implant can know more about you in a single second than some couples learn about each other over months of taditional dating and where simple conversation seems to have disappeared all together.

I love stories about intersect of tech and humanity, particularly those that imagine what life might be like once humanity and tech become physically integrated on a wide spread basis so App for Life instantly caught my attention. I'm concerned that the trailer feels like the filmmaker and his team are trying to mask the movie's indie roots with spiffy VFX, I just hope those visuals don't detract from telling a great story.

App for Life is due later this year.

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