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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.10.16] horror thriller

It's not surprising that The Purge has turned into a somewhat successful franchise. They're cheap to make and the basic concept, the idea that for one night all violence including murder is legal, is perfect fodder for a horror movie that is more than just violence, gore and jump scares not to mention the set-up allows for endless stories told over that one nigh.

So far, the two movies in the franchise have mostly failed to elevate the material to the fullest potential. I doubt The Purge: Election Year is going to be any different but these are what they are and truth is, writer-director James DeMonaco, does have a flair for visuals.

This time around, the story is about a Senator, played by "Lost" star Elizabeth Mitchell, who thinks the purge is a mistake and wants to end it. Obviously, she becomes a major target so on the night of the purge, she finds herself under the protection of the best guy to keep you alive: Frank Grillo, returning to reprise his role.

Grillo was the best part of the second movie so it's nice to see him making a return for more ass kicking. The trailer suggests more of the same: fantastically creepy masks, lots of death and murder and slightly more social commentary all wrapped up with a handful of really beautiful images. I think Universal has found its Saw franchise.

The Purge: Election Year opens July 1st.

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fckss05 (4 years ago) Reply

looks like it is going to be a great movie, i am looking forward to it!!!


wtf (4 years ago) Reply

oh, another movie from let's-show-the-whole-fucking-movie-in-the-trailer-already productions. looking forw... oh nahh, seen it already.

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