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John Connor [Celluloid 02.03.16] post apocalyptic scifi animation cult arthouse

In 1985, French animator and director Jean-François Laguionie created a fascinating and lyrical post-apocalyptic film called Gwen, The Book of Sand. The film became lost to time just like the inhabitants of the film, but thanks to the power of the internet, you can watch the film below thanks to some hero out there.

Watching the flick, it's hard to not wonder whether George Miller got the idea for his own stilt walkers in Fury Road from this film. It's a striking image that I could see resonating all these years later. Or, perhaps it's based on an actual mode of desert travel? I don't know.

Gwen is a young girl adopted by a nomad tribe in a desert post-apocalyptic world. In the desert, where only few animals, like ostriches or scorpions, can survive, a mysterious entity regularly drops gigantic replicas of everyday life objects from our world, such as bags, telephones, clocks and armchairs.

When a young boy, Gwen's friend, is kidnapped by said entity, Gwen and an old woman called Roseline start on a trip to find him back. They eventually encounter other people living in an isolated city and preserving remains of the old civilization in strange ways.

The movie starts without English subs, but they started for me at about the six minute mark.

Enjoy, PA fans!

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