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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 02.10.16] Canada thriller

For the past decade, Canadian auteur Denis Côté has been working largely under the radar, creating some of the most interesting arthouse cinema the country has to offer. His movies aren't conventional and some are just a little too odd for wide audiences but fans of Côté realize that the director makes fantastic thrillers that don't immediately appear to be thrillers.

His last feature, the excellent Vic + Flo Saw a Bear (review), introduced a more accessible Côté and it seems as though the director is staying in that mode with his latest Boris Without Beatrice.

The film stars James Hyndman as Boris Malinovsky, a successful, strong willed and proud man whose wife, a Canadian Government minister, is struck by a sudden debilitating depression that leaves her bedridden. Boris deals with some of his grief by having an affair with a colleague and then his wife's young caretaker at which point, his life takes a mysterious turn.

The description doesn't much sell a thriller and neither does the trailer but there are subtle hints here and there that there's something nefarious at play here. Musical queues that suggest bad things just beyond the surface and there's a sense of urgency that builds as the trailer progresses. Plus, the Berlinale programmer, where the movie will make its world premiere in competition, described it as "a new foray into the genre of the idiosyncratic psychological thriller."

Boris Without Beatrice opens in Quebec on March 4.

Via The Film Stage

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detour jones (4 years ago) Reply

you have opened a window... I have gone to my library and am in 2nd in queue for Vic + Flo Saw a Bear... and I will ask them to purchase a copy of Boris Without Beatrice when it comes out in DVD

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