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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.16.16] United Kingdom thriller

I'm rather surprised that there aren't more movies about shop owners/workers who have had enough with rude, routy and just plain mean customers. You get enough idiots coming through your door and anyone's likely to snap but Salah isn't your average guy; it takes murder to push him over the edge.

Written and directed by Dan Pringle, the UK thriller K-Shop stars relative newcomer Ziad Abaza as Salah, the son of a kebob shop owner. When his father dies from head trauma inflicted by a would-be customer, Salah snaps, decides he's had enough with assholes customers and takes matters into his own hands dealing with troublemakers in his own special way. Though the first murder is accidental, Salah is soon killing bad customers on a fairly regular basis which brings up another problem: what to do with the dead bodies?

You'll need to watch the trailer to see the next logical step in Salah's insane plan.

K-Shop doesn't have international distribution yet but will have a UK theatrical and VOD release in July.

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