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John Connor [Celluloid 02.16.16] Denmark action adventure history

Today we're sharing an exclusive clip from Roel Reiné's (Death Race 2 & 3) epic, naval actioner Admiral! In the clip, legendary Dutch actor Rutger Hauer eats a bullet (spoiler alert) and hands off command of his warring fleet. This flick looks seriously awesome.

Set during the 17th century Anglo-Dutch naval wars, Admiral is one of the most expensive motion pictures ever filmed in the Netherlands and was a box-office smash in its home country.

When the young republic of The Netherlands is attacked by England, France and Germany and the country itself is on the brink of civil war, only one man can lead the county's strongest weapon, the Dutch fleet: Michiel de Ruyter.

Admiral is written by Alex van Galen & Lars Boom and stars Frank Lammers, Sanne Langelaar, Barry Atsma, Egbert Jan-Weeber, Rutger Hauer and Charles Dance.

XLrator releases Admiral on VOD on February 23, 2016 and then it hits theaters on March 11, so some of you will get to experience the big screen version.

Be sure to check out the film's International trailer here.

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Never start a title with 'Exclusive: Rutger Hauer Passes...'

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