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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.26.16] thriller

Mickey Keating is on a roll. The young director made a bit of splash last year with Pod and we've already reported about his upcoming Polanski inspired thriller Darling (trailer) which will be released later this year but Keating has another movie coming in 2016: Carnage Park.

Described by Keating as his "total love letter to Peckinpah," the movie is a period thriller about a pair of bank robbers and their hostage and what happens when the trio become the targets of a crazed ex-military sniper.

The movie, which stars The Last Exorcism's Ashley Bell, Pat Healy, Alan Ruck, James Landry Hébert and director-turned-sometimes-actor Larry Fessenden, is making it's debut at Sundance later today and while there's no trailer yet, we do have a first clip from the movie which, with it's setting, coloring and title, is somewhat reminiscent of Punishment Park; a comparison which I don't think is accidental.

We'll have to wait to see if Carnage Park delivers on Keating's promise of a good character drama with loads of violence. Hopefully release information will not be too far behind.

Recommended Release: Punishment Park

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