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One of the highlights of last year's festival circuit was seeing Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room. The hype leading up to the movie had been really positive. I was already a fan of Sualnier's work from Blue Ruin, his unlikely revenge thriller, but I'm pretty sure no one was expecting that everyone who saw the follow-up would be praising it this profusely.

And then I saw it for myself.

Green Room stars Anton Yelchin as the member of a punk rock band on tour. When one of their gigs gets cancelled, the band find themselves picking up a show on the fly – they need gas money. The detour takes them to a remote bar operated by group of skinheads and what at first seems like just another gig at another dump, turns ugly when someone sees something they shouldn't and the next thing you know the group is locked up in the green room until they can be "dealt with."

Alongside Yelchin, the movie also stars Mark Webber, Imogen Poots, Saulnier regular Macon Blair and Patrick Stewart as the leader of the skinheads.

The first teaser for the movie is a pretty great indication of what you can expect. It's beautifully shot, at times brutally gruesome and a overall, a really effective thriller.

Green Room opens April 15.

Recommended Release: Blue Ruin

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