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Marina Antunes [Interviews 01.19.16] Brazil thriller crime

A couple of years ago writer, director and producer Afonso Poyart made a great crime thriller called Two Rabbits. The movie did really well when it played in Brazil and went on to travel to various film festivals including Fantastic Fest where it picked up a large North American following. Among the fans of the project were some Hollywood types who offered Poyart a gig in Holloywood directing a long dormant thriller titled Solace starring Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish.

While Solace is due out sometime later this year, the movie that got Poyart the Hollywood gig is finally making its long awaited debut in the US - Two Rabbits is available on VOD and iTunes on Tuesday. Watching it, it's easy to see why Poyart got the call to Hollywood; his movie is an intense, high-energy thriller with some innovative and unique approaches to the storytelling which pay off in spades.

I had a chance to speak with Poyart about his movie, the English language remake which is in the works and his experience as a director for hire in Hollywood and how that experience has affected how he makes movies going forward.

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