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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.11.16] France scifi drama

The full title of this French science fiction drama is Léa, un ange dans ma maison, which loosely translates into "Léa: an angel in my house". The ambitious looking film was written, directed and produced by Jacques-Hervé Fichet and though it was completed and shown at a fest in summer 2015, I don't think it's ever seen distribution.

A ruthless scientist, Cal Zimmerman, is being interrogated about an experiment that he performed two years ago. During the same period, Abel, a depressed workaholic in a science research lab, who had lost his wife and only daughter in a fatal accident is shaken by the arrival of a young child completely resembling his daughter.

Initially upset by her appearance, he refuses to lose his sense of reason and little by little, he starts to get to know the girl...

I'm still researching this one, but I thought I'd share the trailer. I'll update the post if I discover any other details.

Recommended Release: Transfer


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xGvJx (4 years ago) Reply

The english title is Lea: Light Engineering Android, and it is with House of Film

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