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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.16.15] Denmark thriller drama

A couple of years ago, writer/director Mads Matthiesen made a splash with Teddy Bear, a drama about a quiet and shy body builder (played by real life body builder Kim Kold) who goes to Thailand to find a wife. The movie was touching and sentimental without being too saccharin, a fine line that is difficult to maintain for some but which Matthiesen had no issues with.

For his follow-up, Matthiesen is taking on another world with a movie that looks and feels far more like a thriller than his first feature: The Model. Set in the cut-throat world of Parisian high-fashion, the movie stars new comer Maria Palm as Emma, a young model breaking into the industry who develops an unhealthy obsession with fashion photographer Shane White (Ed Skrein). From the looks of it, when he moves onto his next conquest, she turns to revenge.

I really liked Matthiesen's unconventional approach to the world of body building and this trailer suggests a similar unconventional insider look at the world of fashion and models. This may well make a great double feature with Nicolas Winding Refn's upcoming The Neon Demon.

At the moment, the movie doesn't have a US distributor but hopefully that will change in the new year.

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