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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.08.15] horror thriller

One of the nicest surprises coming out of the indie film landscape this year is definitely Body, a taught, female-centric thriller that I would describe as a mumblecore horror with Hitchcockian overtones.

The twisted and darkly funny film sees three friends, Holly, Cali, and Mel, looking for some fun on a dull Christmas Eve. So, journeying to a secluded estate to kick the party up a notch, they break in, drink, bicker and let us see the nuances of their relationships unfold little-by-little until the film takes its first turn and we realize the mansion isn't as secluded as they thought .

I don't want to give anything away, so suffice it to say the girls find themselves with a body on their hands (that's in the title, people). From here unfolds the events of a fast-paced thriller that's steeped in suspicions, double-crossings and escalating tension as they three friends are forced to make choices they never could have imagined.

Besides boasting an intriguing twist on the home invasion genre, Body works wonderfully because of its strong female leads and the fact that directors Dan Berk & Robert Olsen have the good sense to keep the film tightly wound and quickly paced. At under ninety minutes, the film stands is a lean exercise in how to construct a engrossing thriller. The film is well shot, the acting naturalistic and the scenario utterly believable.

Body plays like Shallow Grave by way of Hitchcock's Rope, with the sensibilities of Katie Aselton. If that combination of elements sounds intriguing, Body comes highly recommended.

Added bonus for Quiet Earth-ers? The legendary Larry Fessenden gives an 'unflinching' performance in the film.

BODY opens theatrically on December 11 - and on VOD December 29!

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mallen (6 years ago) Reply

Lol, so good: "so suffice it to say the girls find themselves with a body on their hands (that's in the title, people)."

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