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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.07.15] scifi thriller

Seeing the words “Syfy Films” at the beginning of a trailer does not inspire admiration if anything, it makes me cringe in advance of what's coming so you can imagine my surprise when, for some reason, I kept watching the trailer for 400 Days and discovered that it actually looks pretty great.

Written and directed by Matt Osterman of Ghost from the Machine fame, the movie starts Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman and Dane Cook as four astronauts who participate in a simulation designed to test the effects of deep space travel. The group is locked in an underground bunker for 400 days and, as expected, slowly start to go mad. The thing is, that rather than looking cheap and dumb, which tends to be Syfy's winning formula, this actually looks not only well acted but well put together. Could it be that Syfy just made a good movie?!

The project is the first for Syfy's newly minted films division and if our first look at 400 Days is any indication, they might be trying (and succeeding) to make good movies which would be a great change of pace.

400 Days is set for theatrical release on January 12 and will air on Syfy later in the year.

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pleeg3 (6 years ago) Reply

Well alrighty.. can it be SyFy makes a good SciFi movie? Why not add Superman, A.T.O.M. & the Black Canary. Is this the Arrow spin-off. No can't be cause everyone knows Superman can't go crazy... nothing would be left. Kidding aside I am such a sucker for underground movies. Movies taking place... underground... Of course if the actors look as good after 400 days as they did on day one, well... Trust me after a week in mine.... going insane is no big deal. Looking forward.. and down.


Scott (6 years ago) Reply

The answer to your grammatically incorrect question is a resounding "no." Intriguing premise, perhaps, but absolutely nothing is done with it. Also, there's Dane Cook.


Keith (6 years ago) Reply

I think this looks like a great psychological sci-fi themed thriller. I love films like there where the "participants" slowly decay into madness unsure of reality.

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