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John Connor [Celluloid 11.04.15] comedy thriller drama history

Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s upcoming comedy Moonwalkers has landed an international trailer. The film stars Rupert Grint and Ron Perlman as a rock band manager and a CIA agent who team-up to help the legendary director Stanley Kubrick fake the 1969 moon landing.

Come on, that sounds great! Unfortunately, some reviews out of fests haven't been super kind, but what do critics know, amiright?

July 1969, Tom Kidman, a CIA agent, is sent to London to find Stanley Kubrick and convince him to shoot a fake moon landing in case the Apollo mission fails.

He doesn’t find Kubrick. He finds Jonny instead, the loser manager of a hippie rock band. Jonny is Kidman’s bad dream. Kidman is Jonny’s nightmare. They have no choice but to work together to accomplish the mission, save their lives and setup the biggest con ever.

Moonwalkers is set for release on January 15th in the US.

Recommended Release: Kubrick - The Masterpiece Collection

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the guy is actually called Perlman

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