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John Connor [Celluloid 10.05.15] zombies apocalyptic horror

Not satisfied with just one Walking Dead spin-off in Fear the Walking Dead, AMC have launched a mobile/webseries about zombies on a plane. The first episode has aired and, at a about a minute and a half it's not much of yet.

The online series will run for 16 weeks with episode 2 airing during the premiere of this season of The Walking Dead, as well on AMC’s mobile app, before appearing online.

A group of passengers experience the outbreak aboard a commercial plane. A new installment of the 16-part series is available every week in the AMC Mobile App and on-air during premiere episodes of The Walking Dead.

Recommended Release: Fear the Walking Dead

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Henk van Kort (6 years ago) Reply

the uploader has not made this video available in your country ;-(


Winb (6 years ago) Reply

wait till all have been uploaded then watch it as a full episode.

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