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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.27.15] scifi thriller drama

A couple of months ago, it was announced that celebrated French director Claire Denis and English novelist Zadie Smith were teaming up to film a then untitled science fiction film. Well, the title of the film has now been revealed to be High Life and a new, high profile cast member has been announced.

Robert Pattinson was originally announced to star as an astronaut, and now Boyhood actress Patricia Arquette has signed onto the project. Even more than that we have a nice little logline to give us even more of a sense of the film's plot.

A group of skilled criminals who, in a bid to escape their long sentences or capital punishment, accept a likely-fatal government space mission to find alternative energy sources.

Nick Laird is also a co-writer on the project.

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Wumpus (6 years ago) Reply

Pretty intriguing stuff! I'm planning to read "White Teeth" soon, Claire Denis is great, and although I had forgotten about Patricia Arquette until she showed up in that recent Amy Schumer skit (yeah, I still need to see Boyhood...), she's great too.

Fingers crossed.

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