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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.29.15] horror

I didn't realize it until earlier this week but Holly Shorts, the short film festival in Hollywood, runs a monthly screening series at the TCL Chinese Theatre and thanks to its proximity to Halloween, this month's screening is Halloween themed with two programs of shorts followed by an 11PM screening of Dude Bro Party Massacre III.

It's not usually something we'd bother posting about except for the fact that we've gotten world that Mike Le Han's Hellraiser: Origins pitch video from a few years ago will be screening, the first time in years that Pinhead has appeared on the big screen!

To go along with the screening, Le Han has been kind enough to share some additional details from his pitch which, rather shockingly, Dimension passed on.

Le Han and his team had put together a really great package in addition to the trailer including original music from Lorne Balfe and some pretty great looking character designs. To celebrate the big screen debut of the video, Le Han has been kind enough to share all that with us. So behold, a peek at the awesome that could have been the new vision for Hellraiser.

Hellraiser: Origins will screen as part of the 9PM program. Tickets are available at the official website.

Recommended Release: Hellraiser

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shiteater (6 years ago) Reply

Looks like a pile of cheesy shit.

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