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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.10.15] Denmark horror thriller drama

Of all the films playing at this year's Fantastic Fest, What We Become ranks as my most anticipated. The film about a family forced to take desperate measures when they are quarantined in the midst of a strange viral outbreak sounds right up my alley.

Add to that the fact that people are saying the film is "a gorgeously executed picture that prizes its characters as much as the elements of genre film... it exemplifies the new Nordic Twilight movement – a wave of intelligent, character driven genre pictures including the likes of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and WHEN ANIMALS DREAM."

What We Become marks the debut feature from writer-director Bo Mikkelsen. There's no trailer or clips from the film yet, but we've compiled a nice gallery of evocative stills that are sure to catch your attention.

An idyllic suburban summer is shattered with the outbreak of an unexplained disease. With residents forced into quarantine with no explanation, the situation quickly spirals out of control.

Since QE will have boots on the ground at Fantastic Feast this year, we hope to bring a review from the front lines. Until then stay tuned for more!

Recommended Release: REC

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