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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.21.15] horror thriller

Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix along with Alexander Groupe present Darling, a gorgeously monochromatic tale of psychological horror that looks to be in the vein of Roman Polanski's Repulsion.

The fist poster and trailer for the film have appeared prior to the film seeing its debut at Fantastic Fest 2015 which runs from September 24th to October 1st.

Directed by Mickey Keating (POD), DARLING begins as a lonely young woman moves into an old, mysterious Manhattan mansion. Hired as a caretaker, it's not long before she discovers the estate's haunted reputation and troubling past. These stories slowly transform into a backdrop for her twisted and violent descent into madness...

Edited like a nightmare and scored like a hallucination, DARLING stars Lauren Ashley Carter (POD, JUG FACE) with supporting performances by Brian Morvant, Sean Young, Larry Fessenden, John Speredakos, and Helen Rogers.

Produced by Fessenden and Jenn Wexler for Glass Eye Pix and Sean Fowler for Alexander Groupe. Keating and Carter are also producers and composer Giona Ostinelli returns from the director's previous feature to score this film.

With his previous film POD fresh off of its theatrical release, writer, director and producer Mickey Keating accomplishes terror of a completely different kind with the stunningly horrific DARLING.

Recommended Release: Repulsion

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