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Marina Antunes [General News 09.22.15] scifi horror

How big of an Alien fan are you? Are you a casual watcher of what is arguably one of the best sci-fi horror movies of all time or are you a die hard that's seen it countless times, bought it in multiple versions, have a poster, action figures and probably a couple of other books on the franchise? This is for you. The hardcore. Because truthfully, no one else would even consider shelling out for "Alien: The Wayland-Yutani Report."

Insight Editions, well known in the industry for their collectors and art books on pop culture properties, has put together a gloriously awesome package which is pretty much the be-all-end-all of Alien collector books. Not only does it include illustrations, concept art, and detailed information about the Xenomorphs, it also covers all aspects of Wayland-Yutani operations including weaponry and vehicles. It looks like the ultimate geekout but don't take my word for it, just check out the images and video below for a glimpse and just how impressive this package is, inside and out.

Quality doesn't come cheap. This sucker will set you back a cool $325 US. You can order your copy here.

Via Agents of Geek

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Lotus Eater (7 years ago) Reply

I am a big fan of the ALIENS universe. I highly recommend my favorite comic book series in the ALIENS universe which is "ALIENS LABYRINTH" Highly worth downloading.

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