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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.27.15] France post apocalyptic scifi animation

Tales of robots scouring the earth after humanity is wiped out by some apocalypse aren't uncommon but unless they're made by Pixar, they're not usually quite as touching as L3.0.

A project by students Vincent Defour, Cyril Declercq, Alexis Decelle and Pierre Jury at Isart Digital Video Game and 3D Animation/VFX School, L3.0 is a wonderful new addition to the growing collection of PA short films. This particular one seamlessly blends live action shots with animation to create a world that feels uncannily real – because it largely is – and introduces a wonderfully designed robot that pulls at the heart strings. L3.0 isn't only beautiful, it's wonderfully emotional.

This is one you can watch with the kids, as long as you're prepared to possibly answer questions about where everyone and the animals disappeared to.

Recommended Release: Wall-E

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