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Sony just released a slew of opening dates for upcoming films and one that stands out is January 13, 2017, when the first film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” will actually be happening. After covering news of this on-again off-again project, this confirmation that Sony is committed to the project is pretty darn rad.

Nikolaj Arcel, director of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is set to direct from a screenplay touched by a number of writers including Akiva Goldsman, Anders Thomas Jensen and Jeff Pinkner.

Second on my list of must-see movies is the sci-fi drama/romance Passengers from writer Jon Spaihts. Passengers was a blacklist script that has been in development for years. Originally set to star Keanu Reeves and Reeese Witherspoon, the film will now star two of the biggest actors in the world Chris Pratt and Jenifer Lawrence. Morten Tyldum, director of The Imitation Game is set to direct.

I absolutely devoured the early draft of the script that I read, so I'm very excited about this one.

That's all, folks!

Recommended Release: The Dark Tower (Books 1-4)

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uncleB (6 years ago) Reply

I read the script for passengers also. Should be a good flick


Paul Ron (6 years ago) Reply


Aladdin Sarsippius Sulemanagic Jackson III (6 years ago) Reply

Akiva Goldsman,he touched
DT the film is dead to me.
Dead I say.
I hold him responsible for
Will Smith IAL stinking so badly.


Marc (6 years ago) Reply

Nikolaj Arcel was NOT the director of the original "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", but he co-wrote the screenplay. Arcel directed the Oscar-nominated (Best Foreign Language Film) "A Royal Affair"(2012).

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