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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.27.15] horror

I'm always fascinated by stories of a film's reception, particularly horror films. People fainting during The Exorcist, or becoming physically ill during original screenings of Alien. It's the stuff of movie legend. But rarely are we able to find physical evidence of such events. Until, internet.

YouTube user JackOSkull, using elements from original uploader Kyle J. Wood's DarkCastle2012's work, has provided us a wonderful video which blends actual audio from a 1979 screening of John Carpenter's Halloween with its place in the film. As you can read in the description below, the audio was recorded from a re-release screening at Hollywood's Vine Theatre.

"This is actual AUDIO (with the appropriate video scenes added -- a little out of sync, sorry) taken inside a Hollywood Boulevard movie theater in October 1979. I lived in Hollywood, California at the time. But failed to see the film in 1978 when it originally came out. The following year, in October 1979, it was re-released and playing at the Vine Theater (on Hollywood and Vine), where it was doubled-featured with The Toolbox Murders (also from 1978). I took an old Radio Shack cassette tape recorder inside the theater with me and sat in the front row to try and capture some of the music audio from both films. The Toolbox Murders' audience was quiet. HALLOWEEN's audience was not."

Recommended Release: Halloween: The Complete Collection

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