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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.20.15] post apocalyptic zombies scifi horror

Folks, sometimes you read something that you just have to share. In this case, it's new that millennial boy-bands The Backstreet Boys and NSynch are teaming up to make "zombie western futuristic horror movie". And if you're thinking, "Well, they aren't making so much as maybe starring in it" you would be wrong. Backstreet's Nick Carter is tasked to not only star, but write the film.

Now, before you ponder which studio would enter into such a foolhardy arrangement let's cut to the chase - it's The Asylum, creators of Sharknado and Z Nation most notably.

The film, currently titled Dead 7, is about a ragtag band of gunslingers operating during a post-apocalyptic zombie plague. I'm guessing it's based on Seven Samurai/Magnificent 7.

Carter, apparently a huge horror fan, also has a list of musicians he wants in the film. Does this mean it's a musical? Only time will tell.

I know, I know. Your mind is blown and your faith in movies has forever died.

Gotta go!

Recommended Release: Z Nation

Via: Rolling Stone

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