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I have to be honest, the lustre of "The Walking Dead" is wearing off a bit. The show has entered this predictable cycle of move-get settled-nothing happens-things go to shit-move-repeat. Sure there are memorable episodes peppered here and there but at our house, "The Walking Dead" is something we watch over dinner rather than something we fully engage with. Perhaps it's for that reason that I'm curious about "Fear the Walking Dead."

We've been tracking the show for a bit now and even though the clips to date have been nothing but snippets, they've been intriguing and I'm interested to see what creator Robert Kirkman does with a prequel show and since it doesn't feature any of the same characters, how it's going to fit into, if at all, "The Walking Dead."

I assume at some point the prequel storyline is going to run out and then what? With a two season commitment, they're going to need a lot of material, even if the first season only has six episodes.

"Fear the Walking Dead" premieres August 23.

Recommended Release: The Walking Dead Season 5

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