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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.23.15] scifi

One would think that after years of false starts and failed attempts, the thought of a remake/new adaptation of Logan's Run would have been abandoned but like the long gestating Neuromancer, this is another one of those projects that simply refuses to die and you just know it'll get made eventually but with so many hands in the cookie jar over the years, the likelyhood of it being any good dwindles significantly with each new attempt.

In 2011, the project looked like it would finally go ahead with Nicholas Winding Refn behind the camera and Ryan Gosling staring but that version fell apart almost as soon as it was announced but the project seems to have new life in the hands of Simon Kinberg.

The writer/producer of Sherlock Holmes, a number of the Bryan Singer X-Men movies and the upcoming Fantastic Four, Kinberg has been hired on to write the story treatment. Someone else will be handed script duties down the road but Kinberg is responsible for the getting the ball rolling for, hopefully, the last time.

It's still too early on in this new incarnation of the project to know whether this time it will actually stick. I hope it does. The time seems right for another Logan's Run and frankly, with so many starts and stops, I'm starting to lose interest.

Recommended Release: Logan's Run

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zaphod777 (6 years ago) Reply

Terrible idea, as usual.


MrSatyre (6 years ago) Reply

Oh, this again?

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