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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.07.15] Canada horror

Hot on the heels of the trailer for Antisocial 2 (trailer) comes our first look at Chard Archibald's new horror movie: Bite.

Archibald's follow-up to The Drownsman (review) takes on the emerging new trend in horror of women literally rotting. Not only does it make for great make-up effects and general creepiness but it gets at some interesting ideas about female beauty and empowerment. But that's digging into subtext before we even get to the goodies: what's this thing about anyways?

Just before Casey's wedding, she and a few friends head to an island getaway for a fun fling. A local informs the group of a wonderful place to swim that is unlike any other and far away from tourists. While the gals are having fun in a lagoon, a tropical, underwater insect bites Casey. She sees the slow aftermath of the bite on her return home. Pus-filled blisters start to dot her body, and she hears things. She becomes concerned, her friends reach out, but no one expects the symptoms to take her this far, deforming her very being and mind. As these changes overtake her, she sees her life and friends more clearly — and no one is safe from her evolution.

As difficult as these movies are to watch, I'm loving that Archibald's movie doesn't seem to be flinching away from Casey's decay; it has both a feeling of "gross" and "can't look away."

Bite will have its world premiere at Fantasia.

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