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Gareth Edwards' original Monsters is basically legend by this point. The post-alien invasion road movie was so well received it went on to launch Edwards' career in Hollywood, the director tackling Godzilla and moving onto the first Star Wars Anthology film.

And now, years later, we get a sequel to that film. Monsters: Dark Continent takes place in the war torn middle east and is directed by Tom Green who has a ton of Misfits TV episodes under his belt.

This is Green's first feature and, without having seen it yet (requested a screener, never got it) all I can say is it's getting mixed reviews. The trailers definitely left an impression. I'm definitely curious about this one.


Jupiter Ascending is the epitome of a a good/bad movie. It's so completely off the hook that my mouth was completely agape the whole time and my mind was swimming with the madness of it all. It's perfect How did This Get Made fodder. It's also jammed full of great FX, stunts and far flung, operatic other worlds. It's like is Cannon films made Dune... and then added dinosaurs.

I don't believe in hate watching, but Jupiter Ascending must be see to be believed. I don't regret seeing it theatrically.

Spring is about a young man in a personal tailspin who flees the US to Italy where he sparks up a romance with a woman harboring a dark, primordial secret. Billed as a monster movie disguised as a love story, Spring has received heaps of praise and I'm excited to catch up with it.

TNT's post-apocalyptic Falling Skies has its fans and while I like some of the world-bulding, I ultimately think it was a missed opportunity. What could have been The Walking Dead of alien invasion shows, ended up becoming on par with a middling SyFy endeavor. The actors are strong, the writing is not so strong and the FX are laughable at times.

Since the show is moving into its fifth and final season I picked up all the seasons from my local library to catch up. There's been some ups and some downs. Ultimately this is a 6/10 for me. Could have been better.

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Cletus (7 years ago) Reply

I thought Monsters was great. I've seen the new one and Monsters Dark Continent is nothing like the original. Taken as part of a franchise, I'm not so certain it works. Taken on its own, I thought it was very good.

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