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One of the highlights of my festival season last year was discovering Alex R Johnson's Texas thriller Two Step (review).

Johnson's movie isn't a cookie cutter thriller and instead, the writer/director turns expectations to deliver a movie that not only surprises with the amount of emotion and heart written into every character (including Webb, a career criminal who finds himself in the corner when he encounters James, a well intentioned dropout looking after his grandmother), but also feels real in a way most movies don't. The consequences don't play out months down the road but rather immediately, much in the way you'd expect them to in real life.

Two Step is beautifully shot and an accomplished feature that should be seen and now you'll have a chance. The movie opens theatrically in NY on July 31, LA on August 7 and will be available to stream starting September 1.

Newly minted trailer below and while you wait for the release, also check out our interview with Johnson.

Recommended Release: Blue Ruin

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