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Hot on the heels of our list of great survival movies, here's another one with potential to make the next list.

Generally speaking, trailers that borrow either music or editing from other trailers or movies are more grating than effective but once in a while, one comes along that manages to impress and the trailer for Blue Jay does just that.

The indie thriller co-written and directed by Michael Ciulla stars Sara Lindsey (who also co-wrote) as Ashley, a woman who goes on a hiking date that takes a turn for the worse when she and her date meet a group of mountain men, led by James Landry Hébert (of Two Step (review) fame), who "develop a dark obsession" with her and then proceed to act on it.

The trailer's aesthetic borrows heavily from The Shinning but in this case it's effective, working to immediately create a feeling of dread and impending terror.

Blue Jay is currently in post production.

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