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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.08.15] Sweden thriller drama

The general cultural consensus is that when an individual claims to be the victim of abuse, we give them the benefit of doubt. Though that is the right thing to do in reality, that's far from the case and when it comes right down to it, other factors often come into play. That reality is at the centre of Beata GÃ¥rdeler's Flocking.

Fourteen year old Jennifer lives in an apparently idyllic small Swedish community. Her life is turned upside down when Jennifer accuses her classmate, a handsome, popular boy named Alexander, of rape. As news of the accusation spreads through town, people start to question Jennifer's claim and pretty soon, the entire town turns on Jennifer and her family.

Flocking explores mob mentality and seems to delve deep into the psychology of victimisation and abuse that keeps so many individuals from telling their stories. What's more, it looks like GÃ¥rdeler's movie plays the angle of whether Jennifer is telling the truth pretty close to the chest which should make for an excellent mystery.

Flocking premiered at Berlin where it won the Crystal Bear for Best Film at Berlinale Generation 14Plus! It will also be playing at the Cannes Marketplace.

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